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My name is Tim Gibson and I am an aspiring singer/songwriter/pianist from Boston, Massachusetts. I have lived my whole life dreaming of being a rockstar such as John Lennon, Bono, or Chris Martin; controlling audiences with talent, stage presence, and raw emotion. When I was old enough to have to start thinking about my future, it quickly became clear that my only choice would be to become a professional musician. Not just a professional musician though, a dominant, famous, and award winning musician. An innovative yet accessible force on the music scene, who's songwriting and instrumental skills captivate fans across the world. It is my dream, and obsession, to become the greatest Alternative/Rock/Pop songwriter of all time. To chase your dreams takes superior talent, unrelenting commitment though, and a healthy bit of luck. The talent I have been given is the greatest gift that could have ever been given to me. The commitment has been steadfast, and highly necessary in order to fulfill my unique talent. Luck has yet to be seen, but with the prior two in abundance, opportunities will arise. My creator gave me the ability to play music solely by ear, making up for my inability to read or write. With this unique gift I was able to teach myself piano as a child, and have the aptitude to learn how to properly sing in-tune and in-key during my junior year of high school. The power, soul, and emotion I had in my voice connected with those who heard me live or in my recordings. After graduating from high school, my skills were developed to a point of which I was able to practice and hone my songwriting. I now know that it is my life's mission to create the highest quality, emotionally oozing, and most infectious songs ever written. While everyone approaches music in their own way, my ambition has always been to be the best to ever do it. I understand the nature of the music industry and how many countless talented musicians before me have failed in their pursuit of a recording contract, but the difference between most people and me is that I will die trying. I will never abandon my music; amazing original material being my primary objective. I can't sit here and name-drop my connections in the music industry, or elaborate on my experience playing live shows with famous individuals because I haven't any. What I can do though, is promise whoever believes in me (or doesn't) that I am going to do this. I have more than enough of what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the best in today's industry and on the mainstays of the worldwide scene. I can do this, I know I can, but only with your help. Every play, like, follow, share; all of it helps me get step-by-step closer to my ultimate goal, to my dream. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Come with me and we'll do wonderful things.