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Tufts Triumph

Yesterday I was kindly invited by the producer (and bassist) of the album, Michael Nuzzolo, to observe his professor's reaction to the quality of the mixes for 5 songs. While offering some constructive criticism, he had an extremely positive overall experience, noting both the professionalism of the audio and writing quality. It was a pleasure to see a Tufts professor have such a genuinely good reaction to what has been months of hard work. We were accompanied by friends (some familiar with the material, some not) and they too had an enjoyable time listening to the fruits of our labor. Michael, fellow producer Andy, and myself have had a great time creating these tracks. It is good to see that our work has the potential to be equally engaging to listeners as it is to us who have been creating it. "The Place We Haven't Seen" is almost upon us, dropping July 11th (a Saturday Night), but there is still much more work to be done between now and then. They say that the past is the best indicator of the future, and the past few months have given me the highest of hopes for the potential and success of this album.

Come with me we’ll leave this place, just take my hand. You and I will never die in Neverland.

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