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An Important Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances and just going with the flow of the process, the order of my next two singles has switched. This means the next and 2nd release off of the upcoming album will be "The Dreamer" as opposed to "Break My Heart" which has now been moved to the 3rd and final single off of "The Place We Haven't Seen". The reason for this is strictly a gut-check, not due to the quality of the songs themselves. After the grandiose Neverland, I feel it is too early to go into a song about heartbreak just yet. "The Dreamer" continues the bombastic vibe of Neverland with an equally infectious quality, so it seemed to be a natural fit to release it as the 2nd single. Regardless, the only thing changed is a release date, and both songs (and the album) are proceeding fantastically. As my absolute newest work (not even a week old) "The Dreamer" hopefully will captivate all existing fans and hopefully bring in an influx of additional listeners. Stay tuned for a release date for both of these tracks, as they will be announced shortly.

Come with me we’ll leave this place, just take my hand. You and I will never die in Neverland.

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