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Chasing Dreams

I have always been a big dreamer or imaginative individual. My mind rarely stays with my body for long as I am thinking of far worlds, beautiful days, and what is possible for me to reach in this world. While just a dream for now, my most recurring dream is my musical career's greatness and worldwide success. I dream of a world where Tim Gibson is a widely known name, one that transcends genre or language. I want to know I have been in a great amount of people's lives; even if only for 3 minutes. While this may come across as cocky and arrogant to some, I view it as something to forever strive for. I will never stop chasing, while unobtainable, the perfect song. What qualifies "the perfect song"? For me nothing, as I believe we can't do such a thing. The Beatles have set the bar for musical creativity and song-writing prowess. To be able to reach or surpass the unbelievable bar set by the countless talented musicians before us, why wouldn't that be my goal? I know the odds are against me to say the least, but every great accomplishment starts with a dream. My dream? To be the best rock/pop songwriter that ever walked this earth. Sorry John and Paul.

Come with me we’ll leave this place, just take my hand. You and I will never die in Neverland.

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