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Weekly Inspiration: Bono

Before you instantly start hating on Bono for his sunglasses or seemingly massive bravado, be informed on the topic and credit this man for his originality, authenticity, and musical genius. Paul Hewson grew up in an angst-filled Ireland. After following in his father Bob's footstep's, Paul took up opera at the age of 7, not long after his mother died (at her father's funeral!) due to a stroke. Paul was fueled to become the greatest singer in the world, and nothing would stop him from accomplishing that. When a close-friend started affectionately calling Paul "Bono Vox", Latin for "good voice", Hewson took a liking to the name and somehow had the confidence to go around calling himself Bono. In the 7th grade, Bono formed a band called "Feedback" with middle school friends Larry Mullen Jr (drums), Adam Clayton (bass), and David Evans (guitar) who became known as "The Edge". In some unexplicable way, the Irish four piece band rocketed off and once in late high school, were starting to get some great renown in the United Kingdom. By the mid 1980's, U2 (once Feedback), was arguably the biggest rock band in the world. Their unprobable rise to greatness from the streets of Dublin though, is highly reminiscent of The Beatles' Liverpool story. Now atop the throne in the late 80s and 90s, U2 started to tweak and play with their sound as much as possible, while somehow able to not once falter from their rock and roll roots. After a decline in popularity in the 90s, Bono completely changed his appearance, and so did the band's sound. Ushering in the new Millenium were their smash success hits "Beautiful Day" and "Elevation", a bright and bombastic new sound for the Irish group that had reclaimed their popularity and overall success to be on par with their atmospheric late 1980's levels. The sound changed for the better, and so did Bono. Gone was the 80s attire and mullet, the 90s outlandishness and makeup were long gone too. Here was a sleek yet seemingly pompous version of the world's biggest rock star, wearing an expensive outfit adorned by colored armani sunglasses. This is the same rockstar that refused to cancel a show at Slane Castle the day after his father passed away. Bono showed up, and yet again gave hope to thousands of fans with his optimistic lyrics and golden voice. Only Bono could do this, because he has the 22 Grammy awards, nearly 400 million albums sold, most influential band in the history of Alternative Rock. When you walk the walk, you can talk the talk. Talk Bono does, but not of self-glorification or his peronal achievements, but of changing the world with love and peace. Bono's generosity is not a fairy tale, he has changed millions of people's lives through medication, music, and his transformative view. Enough of imposter musician's always trying to be better than The Beatles. Bono, and U2, could cafe less. They're clearly quite fine with being in their own skin. 

Come with me we’ll leave this place, just take my hand. You and I will never die in Neverland.

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