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After a break from recording, I am ready to hit the studio with a full album of material. This is going to be a bit different sounding than my previous releases, but will retain the qualities that made my first album special. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of creating The Place We Haven't Seen, but this new album will incorporate more electronic elements and have a leaning towards the positive side of the spectrum. The first single I am going to release will also be the first song I am recording for the new album and is titled Together. This track will be a breath of fresh air for me in terms of musical composition and overall emotional feel that radiates from it. Together is an interesting combination of ideas new and old that strikes an emotional chord with me at this point in my life. I rarely feel as connected to a song as I do to this one as it embodies my thought process on a daily basis of late in a simple but powerful way. If I can approach the recording of this song with as much passion as went into conceiving it in the first place, the outcome should be an extremely polished and inspirational track that many will be able to relate to. More information on the first of my new wave of singles will be released shortly, as well as some gorgeous artwork to accompany it. 

Come with me we’ll leave this place, just take my hand. You and I will never die in Neverland.

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