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The Looking Glass EP

It has been quite a while since I have written material I deem worthy of releasing, but luckily I have 5 songs that I can confidently say surpass anything I have created thus far. I feel I have reached a new stage of musical development, and now understand that it's about feeling music as opposed to thinking music. The overall quality of my new writing, vocally and instrumentally, reflects my next level as an artist and new creative outlook. I plan to take as long as it takes to perfect this EP, and am confident that the end result will be satisfactory to listeners old and new alike.


My last release, Together, has been released so it is naturally time to move on to something new. We are wrapping up the mixing stage of my newest song titled Forgotten, and it has been an absolutely fantastic experience. With a combination of captivating instrumentals, powerful vocals, and pristine production, this track has been a joyous experience for all involved. This is my first song working with producer Michael Nuzzolo since my album The Place We Haven't Seen, and we understood that something of equal quality would not suffice. Before we recorded a single track we had mentally raised the bar for this song and were aiming to reach far greater heights than any of the album's material. While it is still too early to tell, all indications are that Forgotten is a raging success across the board. With Michael on production, Andrew Ladd on recording duties, and Jonathan Gilad playing the drums, we retained the majority of what made the album so special while adding something new and great in the form of Bobby McDonald on the electric guitar. We will be sending the track off for mastering soon, and in a month or so we hope you listen to Forgotten and can hear all of our hard work with satisfied ears.


After a break from recording, I am ready to hit the studio with a full album of material. This is going to be a bit different sounding than my previous releases, but will retain the qualities that made my first album special. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of creating The Place We Haven't Seen, but this new album will incorporate more electronic elements and have a leaning towards the positive side of the spectrum. The first single I am going to release will also be the first song I am recording for the new album and is titled Together. This track will be a breath of fresh air for me in terms of musical composition and overall emotional feel that radiates from it. Together is an interesting combination of ideas new and old that strikes an emotional chord with me at this point in my life. I rarely feel as connected to a song as I do to this one as it embodies my thought process on a daily basis of late in a simple but powerful way. If I can approach the recording of this song with as much passion as went into conceiving it in the first place, the outcome should be an extremely polished and inspirational track that many will be able to relate to. More information on the first of my new wave of singles will be released shortly, as well as some gorgeous artwork to accompany it. 

The Singles

The album is wrapped up and completely done with. While various artists approach the release process differently, we are taking a truly unique path. Instead of releasing some singles before the album releases and then after, we are releasing all of the singles before we drop the album. Already The Dreamer and Break My Heart have seemingly made a great impression, and Neverland is about to release as well. We are extremely proud of the work we put into this project and it is amazing to see all of the positive feedback we are getting. The singles that have been released thus far are available on iTunes, Spotify, and more. Neverland is now available for pre-order and we hope you take a good look at that one as well, as it is the definitive version of the song. Thanks for all of the support you constantly give us and we hope to make you increasingly proud to be a fan of our music in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Of Ends and Beginnings

That's it. Tonight, Michael Nuzzolo put the finishing touches on the album and sent it off for mastering! This is the end of one part of our journey, the making of the album, but the beginning of sharing our work with the world. Great time and effort have been put into every detail of this album, and hopefully some of you out there will appreciate it as much as we do. I've always dreamed of having an album to call my own, and the reality of one being wrapped-up tonight is an amazing feeling. I started my career with the same principles I have today; making the best music I possibly could, and to keep getting better. Because of the monumental help and efforts of Michael Nuzzolo (bassist/recorder/producer), Andrew Ladd (co-producer), and wonderful instrumentation rounded out with Jesse Brotter (Guirar) and Jonathan Gilad (Drums), my music has reached heights I had dreamed of in only a year's time. Michael in particular has meant more to this album than anyone else. Utilizing his unique skill-set, Mike improved the overall quality of not only the album, but my music as well. I believe we have made magic with "The Place We Haven't Seen", and hopefully you will too. My music is about innocence, pain, and love. I write songs for myself, but feel obliged to share them with the rest of the world. I personally have high expectations for the album, and am forever grateful I embarked on this journey with the people I did. Much love, and stay tuned for the mastered content to be released shortly.

Almost There

We have been working on "The Place We Haven't Seen" since October, and we can finally say that the album is nearly complete. All the instrumentals have been tracked, and we are in the final stages of mixing the songs to get them ready for mastering. Due to the album taking longer than expected to complete, a release date is still not available. The delay will only help the album and we are more than excited to get these songs out into the world than ever before. Mastering will start in early September, so we are looking at an early October release (which would make it exactly 1 year of work on the album) at a location still to be chosen. If you are interested in hearing a preview of the album, check out "Break My Heart" on this very website or the SoundCloud page. There is so much excitement within our circle, and hopefully that excitement will fill you after listening to these 10 tracks of hard work. Something special is about to happen for all of us, and we want you to be a part of it as well. Please stay tuned for more updates as we have a lot of information we will be releasing over the next few weeks!

Tufts Triumph

Yesterday I was kindly invited by the producer (and bassist) of the album, Michael Nuzzolo, to observe his professor's reaction to the quality of the mixes for 5 songs. While offering some constructive criticism, he had an extremely positive overall experience, noting both the professionalism of the audio and writing quality. It was a pleasure to see a Tufts professor have such a genuinely good reaction to what has been months of hard work. We were accompanied by friends (some familiar with the material, some not) and they too had an enjoyable time listening to the fruits of our labor. Michael, fellow producer Andy, and myself have had a great time creating these tracks. It is good to see that our work has the potential to be equally engaging to listeners as it is to us who have been creating it. "The Place We Haven't Seen" is almost upon us, dropping July 11th (a Saturday Night), but there is still much more work to be done between now and then. They say that the past is the best indicator of the future, and the past few months have given me the highest of hopes for the potential and success of this album.

In The Studio V

What a run we have had in the studio lately. As I previously mentioned, the completion of the drums was a huge part of getting the ball rolling again. Not only was this a huge addition to the tracks, but Jon the drummer recommended a fabulous guitarist named Jesse who came in to add hit talents into the mix. After listening to him destroy track after track, I know we have found the right person for the job. We now have 7 tracks fully decked out with some amazing guitar, and the style couldn't have fit the album any better. Jesse was a complete professional in going about his business, and made the tracks absolutely glow with fullness of sound. I neglected to post an update after we completed unbelievable bass tracks with Mike Nuzzolo, which added some incredible lows to all 10 of the previously sparse tracks. Now with melodious piano, captivating drum beats, thumping bass-lines, and shimmering guitar, the rest of the vocals will be an absolute pleasure to lay down. We are truly nearing completion and I couldn't be more excited for not only the future, but for the amazing hard work that has already been put into this album. If you enjoy it half as much as we have enjoyed making it, you should be in for a treat.

In The Studio IV

After our last go in the studio, we managed to successfully complete the drum tracks on all 10 songs off of my upcoming album titled "The Place We Haven't Seen". Not only was this a feat in and of itself, but how beautifully the drums compliment the preexisting piano and rough vocals is downright amazing. Some demos of our fruitful last session can be heard on my SoundCloud page. Next up is the guitar. We have the guitarist primed, the gear prepped, and the songs are more than ready to be graced with masterful use of melodies. We will be using my Fender American Deluxe Telecaster guitar (which is unbelievable), diverse pedal-board, and freshly minted Twin Reverb amplifier to create some truly amazing sounds for all of us to hear. Stylistically, we are going in with an open mind. This will make it extremely interesting to see where the music guides itself, and I absolutely can't wait to hear the monumental improvement that tasty guitar chords, licks, and riffs will bring to my already highly promising set of songs. These songs have been in production for years, and every detail thus-far (and onward) has been indicative of that. Once we complete the guitar tracks on all 10 songs, all that remains is Bass, Vocals, and final production. This album is a dream becoming a reality and I couldn't be more excited to take the great next steps forward towards greatness.

In The Studio III

Today is a big day for the progression of the album as we are attempting to lay drums down on all 10 tracks. It will be an amazing experience to see how it turns out as percussion is the driving force behind every song. People love a good beat, and hopefully we'll have 10 of them by tonight! Stay tuned for further updates. 

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